Stonewall is home to over 50 unique funds.


Community is at the core of our identity as a foundation. Since the very beginning, partnership with donors—individuals, families, groups of friends, and even businesses—has been the cornerstone of our grantmaking. This work is brought to life in our Fund Partner Program.


LGBTQ Youth Fund

LGBTQ Youth Fund makes grants to programs and organizations serving New York City’s underserved LGBTQ youth.


The Mx. Bond Fund

The Mx. Bond Fund provides direct support to organizations and projects that are by and for TGNC people, taking on key issues, from housing, education and employment to family acceptance and ending violence. The Fund was established in honor of trans icon Justin Vivian Bond.


The Laurie Linton Memorial Fund

The Laurie Linton Memorial Fund was founded in memory of Stonewall Board member, Laurie Linton. The board-designated endowment stands to provide continuing support for the Foundation.


The Paula L. Ettelbrick Memorial Fund

The Paula L. Ettelbrick Memorial Fund is a LGBTQ-family focused fund celebrating the legacy of Paula Ettelbrick, Stonewall Executive Director from 2010-2011.


Stonewall Quarter Share

Stonewall Quarter Share operates as a young donors giving circle through which each member makes a monthly financial contribution of at least $25; three-quarters of the total money raised supports Stonewal's broader work, while the remaining “quarter-share” is awarded in grants to LGBTQ-focused organizations and projects democratically chosen by members. It aims to provide financial support to Stonewall and other LGBTQ organizations in New York City; inspire a lifelong passion for philanthropy; develop the next generation of leaders in the LGBTQ community; and connect members through meaningful social, service, and educational events. 


The William Fund

The William Fund, established by Joel Readence, is a donor-advised fund that was established in loving memory of William, who was lost to suicide. By giving grants to organizations that provide supportive services, education and counseling to LGBTQ youth, it works towards a vision of a world where the youngest members of our community are safe, strong and confident.

The Stonewall Endowment Fund

The Stonewall Endowment Fund is a board-designated endowment that stands to provide continuing support for the community.


The Amida Care Fund

The Amida Care Fund awards grants to programs and projects on the cutting edge of HIV prevention and services in New York City, especially those aimed at curbing the epidemic in line with recently launched municipal and state campaigns. The Fund seeks broad-based prevention and intervention strategies that engage members of the LGBTQ community who are most at risk for HIV infection or who are HIV positive but not virally suppressed or receiving necessary care.


Harry Bartel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Harry Bartel Memorial Scholarship Fund is legacy fund established to provide scholarships to a LGBTQ person enrolled in a 4-year college or university; the scholarships are available to members of The Center's Youth Program.


The Dad Fund

The Dad Fund, opened in 2015, is a community giving circle of gay dads who pool their resources to fund programs that support LGBTQ youth in New York City.


The Swish Ally Fund

The Swish Ally Fund supports organizations and programs that engage straight allies in the fight for LGBT equality – as volunteers, advocates, ambassadors, board members, activists and donors. The first fund of its kind, it was created by the award-winning gay-straight alliance, Swish.

Emergency Response Fund

Our Emergency Response Fund was founded in the wake of Super Storm Sandy, and was established to funnel resources to organizations serving LGBTQ people whose work was critically impacted by sudden change of circumstance. The fund most recently provided support to organizations serving areas affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Maria.


Bee’s Fund

Bee’s Fund was created in honor of Bee Winkler Weinstein by her daughter, Dava Weinstein, and Dava’s partner, Dorothy Calvani. While not a traditional scholarship fund, grants benefit young women whose own families have withdrawn emotional and often financial support because of their sexual and/or gender identity. Grants are made to support young women in taking steps toward becoming self-sufficient. 


The Kenneth McCarthy Memorial Scholarship

The Kenneth McCarthy Memorial Scholarship is a legacy endowment which spends a percentage of its annual balance on scholarships for graduating students of the Harvey Milk High School, a program of Hetrick Martin Institute.


The Gene & John Athletic Fund

The Gene & John Athletic Fund provides scholarships to emerging lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer athletes to help them reach their potential and realize their dreams.


The Traub-Dicker Pride Endowment Fund

The Traub-Dicker Pride Endowment Fund was established by Peggy Traub and Phyllis Dicker, and supports LGBTQ women in their quest for higher education. It awards scholarships to students in two categories: 1) graduating high school seniors who plan on attending an accredited college or university; and, 2) already matriculated students in any year of study, including graduate school. Applicants must demonstrate their motivation to making a difference in the world and also have a history of academic excellence and community service.