Empowered Individuals.
Impactful Giving. 

Stonewall Quarter Share (SQS) is an initiative for young donors who, through grassroots organizing, help advance LGBTQ programs and services. SQS functions as a giving circle, sustaining Stonewall’s broader work, while giving its members a chance to make targeted grants. Building community and a culture of giving though meaningful social, volunteer, and educational events, we aim to inspire a lifelong passion for philanthropy among next generation leaders.

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How it works


Each member makes a monthly gift of at least $25. 

75% of member contributions support Stonewall’s programs. 


25% is awarded to nonprofits selected by members.


Making a difference


SQS has raised $657,761 since its founding in 2007.


SQS members have directed $141,600 in grants to nearly a dozen nonprofits.