New York Transgender Advocacy Group

Closing the gap, building bridges

Transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) people are perhaps more visible than ever. However, on nearly every issue, they are often the most marginalized. From unemployment to incarceration, statistics show TGNC people to be over-represented. In spaces where these realities are countered, representation and resources are lacking. Philanthropic support, for example, is growing. But, grant dollars targeting TGNC people still hover at just above 10 percent of all those awarded to LGBTQ communities as a whole.

At Stonewall, our strategy is to center those pushed to the margins, whether of society or even our own Movement. For TGNC people, we understand that this means prioritizing opportunities to invest in their leadership and work. Currently, about 60 percent of our competitive grants benefit trans-specific organizations and projects, and through programs like our Mx. Bond Fund, it is our aim to make sure as many of these as possible are TGNC-led.

One of our newest grantee partners, NYTAG is a trans-led, policy-driven, social justice and advocacy organization dedicated to the empowerment of LGBTQ people. Since 2014, NYTAG has provided leadership to bridge the work of national civil rights groups and smaller LGBTQ organizations, advocating for the unique challenges, needs, opportunities of culturally diverse TGNC communities.

With a recent grant from Stonewall Quarter Share, NYTAG is hiring and training a dedicated patient navigator who will guide TGNC clients through the health care experience, assisting with the completion of paperwork, procuring documents, making referrals, and making sure clients remain in care. For those who have faced discrimination and trauma when attempting to access services in the past, this will be life-changing. In addressing need from all sides, NYTAG will also be hosting training seminars for providers, ensuring that they have the skills, language, and sensitivity to serve their TGNC patients effectively.

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