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We take education seriously, knowing that it has the power to help LGBTQ people overcome complex social and economic barriers. For nearly 15 years, we have partnered with donors to create scholarships that provide unique opportunities and access to education, both in New York City and throughout the country.


Traub-Dicker Rainbow Scholarship

The Traub-Dicker Rainbow Scholarship was established by Peggy Traub and Phyllis Dicker to encourage and support women-identified lesbians in their pursuit of higher education. This program provides one-year scholarships of $1,500 or $3,000 to those graduating high school or already enrolled in college in any year of study, including graduate school. Scholarships are paid directly to the recipient’s school and are applied toward tuition. Applications are due by noon/12pm EDT on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. Submissions will be judged on:

  • Academic achievement

  • Outstanding community service and leadership

  • Commitment to impacting LGBTQ issues

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Levin-Goffe Scholarship for LGBTQI Immigrants

Awarding a total of $25,000 for up to two years of school, the Levin-Goffe Scholarship provides a measure of financial stability to undergraduate students who are both LGBTQ or intersex and undocumented immigrants, including refugees and individuals seeking or granted asylum. Applications are due by 11:59PM on Friday, June 14, 2019. To be eligible, applicants must:

  • not hold U.S. citizenship, a green card, or an F-1 visa;

  • have a current, most recent, or cumulative GPA of at least 3.25;

  • be enrolled at an accredited, nonprofit school in New York City; and

  • have completed one academic year or at least be a rising sophomore.

Please note that all application information is kept confidential. In addition, applicants do not need to include any information they feel unsafe sharing.

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